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Chelsea is a neighborhood within New York City, located on the west side of the Manhattan borough. It is considered one of the top places to live in all the Big Apple, earning 2nd place in Niche’s rankings of NYC neighborhoods. Chelsea is a cultural hotspot that offers an eclectic urban experience. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the beautiful blend of new and old architecture throughout the Chelsea Historic District or hit up the Chelsea market with its diverse food halls and boutique shops. The area also features an array of art galleries which attract art enthusiasts from all over the world. With such liveliness and charm, Chelsea is the perfect destination for those looking to experience the dynamic pulse of New York City.

Living in a great spot like Chelsea can give anyone a lot to be happy about. Some people feel like they have to hold back their smiles, however, due to dissatisfaction with the appearance of teeth. If you live in Chelsea and want a perfect smile that exudes the same brilliance as your neighborhood’s arts and architecture, explore the cosmetic dentistry solutions offered by Dental House.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Revitalize Your Smile!

Cosmetic dentistry has the transformative power to boost people’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Here at Dental House, our team members recognize the real impact we are having on the lives of our patients, and it fills us with a great sense of pride. Whether you are interested in straighter, brighter, or better aligned teeth, we have a solution for you. Our cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whitening, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, black triangle closure, chipped tooth repair, icon white spot removal, and more. We also provide general treatments such as root canals, dental fillings, Botox for TMJ, and more. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!
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