ICON White Spot Removal

Dental House Greenwich Village
Maybe you’ve had them for years, or perhaps you just completed an orthodontic treatment and you’re wondering what’s up with the white spots on your teeth. At Dental House, located in Greenwich Village in New York, Dr. Sonya Krasilnikov and Dr. Irina Sinensky offer a procedure to remove these white spots and even out your tooth color. Call the office or book online to find out more about ICON™ white spot removal treatment.

What causes white spots on the teeth?

Without getting all technical, those white spots are the result of demineralized (big word…right?) tooth enamel. Basically, your enamel has developed weak spots. For the health of your teeth and their appearance, they can be restored and the spots removed.

Whatever the cause, there’s a fast and pain-free solution for removing the spots with the ICON white spot removal treatment.

What are the benefits of ICON white spot remover?

Here’s what you can expect with the ICON white spot removal procedure:

  • Comfortable, noninvasive (as in, no drilling) technology
  • Stops the advanced progression of enamel and tooth erosion
  • Helps prohibit further tooth decay without impacting your healthy tooth structure
  • Improves the durability and appearance of your teeth

And the treatment accomplishes that and more in only one appointment.

During an ICON treatment, the dentists at Dental House do not need to remove any tooth substance, making it as minimally invasive as possible. You don’t even need an injection to numb the treatment area.

ICON is pain-free, easy, and effective.

What should I expect with an ICON white spot removal procedure?

The doctors at Dental House first clean your teeth with a gentle pumice treatment. Next, they etch the lesions (white spots) to remove their outer layer. The doctors then apply the special ICON resin that infiltrates the discolored area. This resin soaks in for just three minutes. Any excess resin is removed and the resin is cured briefly with a light, forming a permanent seal. When sealed, the bacteria causing the pre-cavity (or white spot) is starved and the lesion can’t progress. The treatment also restores the tooth’s natural shade.

To finish your ICON treatment, the doctors polish the tooth. The entire procedure takes just 45-60 minutes.

How effective is the ICON in preventing white spots from deteriorating?

Follow your ICON treatment with good dental hygiene and a healthy diet that minimizes added sugar, and ICON can postpone or eradicate the need for fillings for years – or indefinitely. Brush twice daily, floss once daily, and keep your twice-yearly professional cleanings.

To learn how you can remove unsightly white spots on your teeth with ICON, call Dental House or book an appointment using the online tool.

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